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2019 Zhengye Technology's Suppliers Conference

On January 21st, the 2019 Supplier Conference of Zhengye Technology with the theme of “Community and Win-Win” was held at the Songshanhu Headquarters. The meeting introduced the development status and future development strategy of Zhengye Technology. The supply and demand sides discussed the deep cooperation issues around the theme of the conference, and went hand in hand to win the future.
Xu Diming, Vice President of Zhengye Technology Group, Fan Bin, Vice President, Wu Guofang, Director of Property Management Department, Wang Jiwen, Deputy General Manager of Optoelectronics SBU PCB Division, Cai Lin, Deputy General Manager of PCB Division, Xu Ting, Head of Purchasing Department of Optoelectronics SBU, and 40 The remaining core suppliers from all over the world gathered together for a grand event.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, a high-profile song of Zhengye opened the prelude of the supplier conference.

▲Chorus "The Song of Zhengye"

First of all, Xu Ting, the head of the purchasing department of Optoelectronic SBU, shared the procurement section, and expressed sincere gratitude to all the partners on the site for their support.

▲ Xu Ting, head of the purchasing department, shares in the procurement section

Then, Wang Jiwen, deputy general manager of the PCB business unit, shared the quality management system, detailed description and planning on the quality management system construction, raw material quality requirements, delivery requirements, etc. I believe that the future Zhengye Technology and suppliers will realize Quality and cooperation win-win!

▲Wang Jiwen, deputy general manager of PCB business unit, shared the quality section

Subsequently, in recognition of the suppliers who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Zhengye Technology in the past year, Zhengye Technology has awarded awards to outstanding suppliers. The outstanding supplier of Zhengye Technology in 2018 is: Nantong Meiya New Activated Carbon Products Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tianhongli Hardware Co., Ltd., Dongguan Hengyuntong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Jinan Senhua Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan City Hao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Guofang, Director of Zhengye Technology Property Management Department, presented medals to outstanding suppliers.

▲ 2018 outstanding supplier photo

At the meeting, the representative of the excellent supplier, Meiya, expressed his good wishes for the future development of Zhengye Technology and looked forward to a more in-depth and comprehensive cooperation opportunity with Zhengye Technology.

Next, Fan Bin, vice president of the group, delivered a speech, thanking all suppliers for their trust and support for Zhengye Technology for so many years. In the future, Zhengye Technology will continue to work side by side with everyone and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

▲ Group Vice President Fan Bin delivered a speech

Finally, Xu Diming, Vice President of the Group made a wonderful speech and elaborated on the business status and future development strategy of Zhengye Technology. It is said that in 2018, Zhengye Technology successfully completed the annual sales target. The achievement of these achievements is inseparable from the strong support of all supplier partners. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Zhengye Technology! In 2019, we must seize the 100 billion market of 5G, find new opportunities for development, and gather together sincere cooperation to win a better future!

▲Group Vice President Xu Diming gave a wonderful speech

Through this supplier conference, Zhengye Technology and its suppliers have unified their thoughts and understandings, clarified the strategic direction of future cooperation and development, and are forward-looking and guiding for the comprehensive development of Zhengye Technology's 2019 procurement work. Zhengye Technology expects that suppliers and suppliers can create a new situation of “communication and win-win” under the new cooperation attitude.

▲ Zhengye supplier group photo

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